Thyroid mood connection

If your mood has a tendency to be low or your struggle with energy, mood and menstrual issues. It may be worth looking into your thyroid health

The brain has high levels of thyroid receptors, and your neurons are sensitive to thyroid hormones. Low levels of thyroid hormones like T3 can have a significant impact on your mental health

Research has found that subclinical hypothyroidism, in which TSH levels are on the higher end of the normal range or barely above normal, may be linked to depression.

One study found that 63.5% of participants who had subclinical thyroid problems, or had symptoms of underactive thyroid but were below the diagnostic criteria for hypothyroidism, exhibited symptoms of depression.

How to support your thyroid for better mood

Nutritional support

Iodine, Selenium and zinc a crucial for healthy thyroid hormone production and function

Focus on - oysters, chicken, beef, Brazil nuts

Support your hypothalamic pituitary thyroid axis (HPT) with some Maca. Maca is an amazing whole food powder that can be added to recipes like potato mash or you can consume on its own. Maca helps support your system through stress as it has Adaptogenic properties and therefore helps your HPT. Your other hormones will love Maca too

Keep your gut healthy and happy. Your gut helps conversion of thyroid hormones from T4 to active T3. If your gut unhappy and inflamed there is a good chance your thyroid isn’t functioning properly either. Make sure to avoid or reduce common irritants like wheat, alcohol and refined sugar and include bone broths and fermented veggies to help kick start your gut healing

Most people unfortunately don’t get a proper work up with their thyroid blood markers. Thyroid health is more than just looking at TSH levels. At the clinic we make sure to get all your levels checked and assess your blood work from the functional medicine perspective that has a focus on individualised approach for your thyroid and mental health. If you feel like you aren't being heard or looked at thoroughly to find a root cause, we can't wait to meet you

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