Have you suffered from any of the following?


  • Constant bloating

  • Fructose intolerance

  • Gluten intolerance

  • Acid Reflux

  • Fatty Liver

  • Diabetes


The incidence of these symptoms and conditions have increased rapidly in our modern-day to day life.  Although they are common, one thing we tell our clients is never to confuse common with normal. However, there is a solution.




Chinese medicine and Acupuncture for digestive problems is a safe and natural treatment for acute and chronic digestive disorders. It works by looking at some of the deeper causes of your digestive complaints and formulates an individual strategy using Acupuncture, herbs, nutrition, supplements and lifestyle changes to get you the best and fastest outcome with your digestive issues.  

Traditionally digestive disorders fell into the category of Spleen/Stomach/Liver organ system imbalances, and now with the advances in knowledge about internal medicine we now know that this 4000-year-old medicine was on the right track. Using this knowledge we can now create a more modern interpretation to create actionable solutions.


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