Pregnant Woman and Partner
3d Ultrasound


IVF has given many beautiful couple the opportunity to have a baby where they may not have been successful otherwise. At the HMHB clinic we have a firm focus on helping support couple in the most natural sense. The process and procedures can often leave couples feeling overwhelmed and stressed.



We use a Acupuncture, herbal medicine and supplements to help support women improve their chances with IVF. Acupuncture can play a unique role both in helping calm a nervous mum to be, facilitate transfer days or improve outcome by increasing blood flow to the uterus as an adjunct therapy to IVF 


  • Regular Acupuncture to help stress relief and improves uterine receptivity 

  • Nutritional knowledge to improve egg quality and increase chances of healthy embryos  

  • Custom herbal and or evidenced based supplement protocols to help improve outcomes and support your body 

  • Stress management support 

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