Tempromadibular joint pain (TMJ PAIN)



This can vary from chronic pain to clicking of the jaw and even restriction of opening and closing of the mouth. Often people seek treatment from Dentists to physiotherapy which can be helpful, but often we find there is more to the jaw problems than muscles and joints. TMJ/jaw pain is common and can be very complicated and treatments can, unfortunately, be short-lived if the root cause isn;t addressed. It is important to know that TMJ can arise from different causes such as :
- Direct trauma to the jaw such as in sports 

- misaligned teeth or bite 

- Muscular issues 
- Joint Arthritis 

- Anxiety and chronic stress 

- Gut issues 
- Hormonal shifts 

Whatever the potential cause we apply the below methods to create a plan of action for you 




Acupuncture's unique approach 


A neurofunctional and holistic approach to Jaw pain is critical for successful outcomes. Our training and treatment methods apply a different approach. We scan and assess the jaw and its associated muscles and take an additional look at how other joint structures such as the shoulder or upper back posture may be impacting the jaw in a compensatory manner. We also delve deep into other contributing factors such as stress and anxiety which are factors that often contribute to clenching and grinding. With our unique treatment, we can help treat pain, muscles and underlying causes such as anxiety and more. This provides better outcomes and helps clients see long term resolution 


The HMHB Method 

At HMHB we have developed a successful method for treating the symptoms and root cause of TMJ, jaw pain. This ranges from tackling the underlying anxiety and potential gut issues that may drive your jaw tension and pain, to working with the muscles and joints of your mouth with our unique style of acupuncture. We have all your basis covered to create a solution for your jaw pain. We use traditional acupuncture, electro-acupuncture, dry needling, herbs and supplements all customised to your unique condition 


Our treatment plans and methods are very thorough and comprehensive and individualised for every patient. Our treatment plans involve an average of 6-8 treatments with a high success rate when we reach these levels of treatments and stimulus. We approach TMJ issues from multiple angles including anxiety, stress management, herbal medicine, gut health, hormones and structural mechanical. We assess and find your root cause and then apply our unique training and method. To achieve high success rates we require your commitment and dedication to the treatment plan we discuss. We are open to questions and love providing as much support and clarity as possible. 


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