vDry needling has become a confusing topic for the general public as it’s become increasingly used by many professionals such as physios, myotherapies and remedial massage therapist just to name a few. There are professionals who call dry needling Acupuncture and there are other professionals who much prefer to differentiate them to keep them as separate therapies.  


The truth about dry needling vs acupuncture 


The truth of the matter is that dry needling is a type of acupuncture. Dry needling focuses primarily on muscular dysfunction and pain with a specific focus on trigger points and “knots”. Whereas traditional acupuncture has a broader range of application such as women’s health issues, digestive issues, insomnia and is also generally regarded as gentler and relaxing compared to dry needling.


The HMHB difference

Thankfully, you do not have to be confused when you come to the HMHB clinic. We have proficient training in both traditional acupuncture methods and more modern Dry needling methods. We do not believe in using solely one system as every individual responds differently. At HMHB we dig into our toolbox and use the right tools for the job, often this has us using traditional acupuncture and Dry needling in the same session.

If you want to be less confused and simply want to get better with the best treatment option for you, click on the link below for your initial appointment





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