Pregnancy Yoga
Pregnant Woman


Whether you are a first time mum or second or more, we love supporting women through pregnancy and after giving birth 





We are passionate about heling mums to be have an amazing and easy as possible pregnancy and birthing experience. There can be so many things that pop up for a mum as sometimes pregnancy and the rapid changes can bring about many emotions and shifts in your beautiful body. We use gentle acupuncture, cupping, nutrition and lifestyle to make sure you feel well supported and excited about giving birth and the gift in stall for you after birth. We also educate mums on how best to bounce back post birth so that you can be the best mum you can be! 


  • Feeling anxiety about birth and becoming a mum 

  • Getting Nausea and or reflux 

  • Feeling exhausted  

  • Experiencing aches and pain such as hip or back pain. 

  • Want support throughout your pregnancy to help ease your mind and work on your body 

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