Initial consultation


The initial consult is set for 50 minutes. During this, we allocate 30 minutes to discuss your health goals and concerns and we take a detailed case history, and once we have a clear diagnosis, we can proceed to treat you with care for the duration of your consultation. You will receive a post-treatment letter/email, where we will outline specific diet and lifestyle advice, this is done in order to educate and inspire our clients to take accountability for their health and commence a program toward better health 



Follow up consultations


As we continue to facilitate you with your health program, we use follow-up treatments to help clients further grasp and understand the journey ahead. Here clients are given the opportunity to ask any questions that should arise. Follow-ups are 30-40 minutes which also includes the acupuncture




Do you offer Dry needling and is it the same as Acupuncture?


YES! I love to dry needle when it is indicated and appropriate for clients. Dry needling is a type of
Acupuncture and has its many benefits. Where sessions will differ from other therapists that may use
Dry needling only is what other systems are looked at and treated.


Dry needling is great for musculoskeletal conditions and only works on those conditions - however, the combination of Dry needling and traditional Acupuncture can treat the muscular system as well as the digestive, nervous system, emotions and much more in the same session. We can also adjust the needles used to suit
the person's needs and level of comfort to make the session as pain-free as possible




All consultations are available by appointment only.


Appointments are confirmed 48 hours ahead of the scheduled time.

In fairness to our practitioners and patients, HMHB enforces a 48 hour cancellation policy.


Where appointments are cancelled, missed or rescheduled without 48 hours notice, a 50% cancellation fee will be applied.


If the appointment is cancelled/rescheduled on the day , 100% of fee will be invoiced to patient


Confirmation of an appointment is acknowledgement of this cancellation policy. A 48 hour period allows us to re-book this time for another patient who may be on our waiting list for an appointment.