Histamine and Jaw clenching ⁣

You can have high levels of histamine whether you are a female to male. However, because women have higher estrogen levels, they tend to have higher levels of Histamine. ⁣

Histamine is a natural part of your immune response, so it’s not bad per se. When it accumulates via excess stimulation or poor clearance, we tend to see problems. ⁣

How High histamine can present for you ⁣

😬Jaw clenching more often ⁣

😵‍💫Anxiety and or jitteriness⁣

🥱Poor sleep ⁣

💩 Looser stools ⁣

This is why when treating the jaw, I like to ask women about their cycles and if they have allergies. It points me in the right direction to get longer-lasting results with Jaw issues. ⁣

Here are some things to consider if you feel this might be you with the High histamine. ⁣

🚫cut out Bananas, avocados, alcohol and even green tea ⁣

⬆️ Increase your olive intake ⁣

Drink 2 cups Chrysanthemum tea daily

We look at the root cause of your issues. We apply Acupuncture, dry needling and look at other deep connections such as the histamine link. Our small gold coast clinic is in burleigh heads and easy to get to, click the booking tab on our website to maappointmentinment today

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