Complex shoulder pain

What makes a shoulder complex. Well, one that is yet to be resolved despite many interventions. We often need to take a step back and see if there are other systems at play beyond the mechanical ⚙️

Other systems at play that may need addressing before a shoulder issue can be resolved

Systemic inflammation. This is one the body struggles to heal and the chronic inflammation keeps coursing like a fire. To quell the fire we often need to look at gut health, sleep and herbal medicine. Only when the inflammation is under control will the tissue begin to heal permanently

Hormones especially thyroid and estrogen. One of the unfortunate manifestation of women over 40 is upper back and shoulder pain. Frozen shoulder is one such complex shoulder condition that has an interplay of hormones, thyroid function, and immune system.

Psychological - no your not crazy and we would never allow you to think so. Our brains are very crafty at remembering injuries. It does this to protect us. Our most primal emotion is that of survival. When it comes to injuries, we often have to look at what the brain/nervous system is doing and add this to the equation. When the body and brain perceive safety, joint mobility and movement will be gained and the net results are often reduced pain or complete pain remission

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