Acupuncture with Rachael 

Rachael comes to HMHB with an experienced background in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine and as an experienced mother of two beautiful little boys. Rachael has spent many years of practice focusing her skillset in treating gut health, Women's health with a special interest in menstrual cycle issues, fertility, post-natal depletion as well as chronic pain. 

The biggest difference in Rachael's approach is with her specialty testing methods. She uses these methods to gain a deeper and more accurate look at what is happening in your system and create a custom treatment plan. This allows for greater accuracy and better outcomes, especially for complex cases. Some of these tests include; The Gut Indicans, pH, Heavy Metal Testing, blood work. 


She focuses on client education through nutrition, herbs and nutritional supplements that empower her clients to discover their optimal health and wellness. 

Rachael is available Saturdays at our Melbourne clinic