Women’s Jaws and why they become a problem 😬

🚺Women are diagnosed five times

more frequently than men with TMJ

🚺Women have a higher tendency to be more deficient in magnesium which increase the chances of jaw issues

🚺Women’s jaw bones aren’t designed exactly the same way as their male counterparts

🚺Women have estrogen receptors in their jaw and when the jaw is misaligned, some scientists believe they could interfere with pain signals and hormonal regulation process

🚺Estrogen is linked to higher levels of histamine (a neurostimulant) which can contribute to high levels of anxiety and subsequent jaw clenching and grinding

😢Women have a higher prevalence of anxiety disorders is significantly higher for women (23.4 percent) than men (14.3 percent). A common symptom linked to anxiety is jaw clenching and subsequent pain 🤕

This is what we do so many women in our clinic with complex jaw issues. We apply different methods for different jaws. Dry needling is great for some, but, working on the nervous system and anxiety is the key 🔑 for others.

Here are some things to get you started

💫 Magnesium glycinate or gl

ycine on it’s own

💫 Kava, lemon balm, lavender and Tulsi

💫 Night time mouth taping to fix night time breathing and clenching

💫 Vitex, Rehmania, B6 to supper healthy hormones and nervous system support

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