This mushroom helps PCOS women ovulate

Maitake mushroom extract helps women with PCOS ovulate

Irregular cycles and an-ovulation are hall mark symptoms of women with PCOS. More frustrating is when when are trying to conceive. It can be hard for women with PCOS to tell when or even if they even ovulate!

Introducing Maitake mushroom extract

A study out of Japanese used Maitake mushroom extract on 80 women with PCOS at three different clinics in Japan. This study demonstrated the ability of a Maitake extract to induce ovulation in patients with PCOS and can be used as a monotherapy (stand alone therapy) or as an adjunct to clomiphene citrate(CLOMID). The ovulation rate of the women in the study was 76.9%!

When the researchers tried to identify why this may have worked so well it was found that it worked on regulating blood sugar levels and sensitising the the body insulin. In doing so androgen levels are also lowered and ovulation becomes easier.

If one extract can help ovulation, imagine if you could get custom treatment plan involving acupuncture, herbs and custom supplements and a nutrition plan. We are happy to provide this custom service for PCOS at our Gold coast clinic in Burleigh heads

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