Read this if you're on the Pill

Most of the women often come off because they are reacting to the pill, want to conceive or are more informed about it. I know there are women out there though who simply aren’t ready to come off or don’t want to and this is for you

Instead of fear mongering you let me help a little. Here are the things to consider

Your Bs are depleted - this might look like poor energy, anxiety, low mood. Increase these food

Brewers yeast, Organ meats, lentils

Your copper increases and zinc decreases

Higher copper can stimulate the adrenals leading to a tired and wired feeling, fatigue and anxiety. While low zinc can lead to gut issue, lower stomach acid, poor skin healing, poor mood. Increase these food

Oysters, sunflower seeds, red meat,

Your gut bacteria shifts unfavourably. This could look like food sensitivity, constipation, bloating, blotchy skin, excess gas, chronic thrush or UTI. Make sure you have prebiotics and probiotic rich foods daily. Include these Kefir, kimchi, miso and sauerkraut

Our aim at our clinic is to always make women feel supported, not judged, no matter what their choice. We hope these tips help. Makes sure to save for later and share with a friend. If you need help navigating the Pill or your hormones, head to our booking tab and book either an face to face Acupuncture initial where we can see you at our Burleigh heads location or book for an Online telemedicine appointment for those in other states and countries.

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