More to your JAW PAIN but we have you covered

Many clients come in having tried other methods wondering why it hasn’t worked? We believe all modalities have their place in the space of healing.

Why is out a little different and how does it impact your jaw pain

Let’s have a quick look

- Anxiety and stress play a huge role

- parasites and gut health can play a role

- shoulder and back stability can play a role

- Mouth breathing can play a role

There is even an interplay between hormones and jaw pain. Ask yourself if you get Jaw tension and or pain 1 -2 weeks before your period? Have you noticed its worse at the end of the day when you have spent all day at the computer or looking down at your phone. We assess all possible outcomes and discuss treatment plans and talk about possible root cause(s)

If we continue to look at jaw pain as purely mechanical then we may miss the bigger picture. Jaw pain can come from different and many root causes. Get the assessment, find the root, feel the relief

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