Chronic Jaw Pain

Do you suffer from jaw pain?

I think a lot of people simply put up with this issue. It gets stacked on top of their everyday headache (likely from neck and jaw) and their everyday back pain. I guess most people put up with it until it truly inhibits their quality of life. Honestly, though, I wouldn’t let this continue unless you want a big bill from your dentist in the future 🦷

Clenching and clicking can lead to

🦷 Wear and tear of teeth

🦷 cracking of teeth

😬Reduced ability to open mouth

👄 Pain when opening mouth or chewing

🤕 chronic headache and or migraines.

Let’s take a functional approach to your jaw issues.

Step one - correct the underlying muscular jaw dysfunction. Temporalis, pterygoid, masseter, upper trap, SCM, suboccipital and on and on

Step 2 and Special mention - shoulder or hip instability. When certain joints are unstable your body will try and lock and compensate with other joint structures. Pain is the end result seldom the root cause.

Step 3 Self-release - you need to play your role and do some self-release work and strength work at home. My clients know I love to send them home with a self-release work they do to release the internal muscles of the mouth. It brings a tear to their eye 🥲

Step 4 - Work with a good dentist to check for centric relation and work on other possible underlying causal issues. Stress and anxiety can be big drivers of jaw pain. At the clinic we help with the muscles and help relieve stress, tension and anxiety that may be a background driver of your jaw pain

Have you got a jaw issue that needs work on or hasn’t been resolved yet? Comment below if you have a dodgy jaw 👇

Book at an appointment today at one of our clinics in Highett (Vic) or Burleigh heads (Qld)

call 0449 611 364 or click the link below

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