Ah the dreaded, feared and hated hot flush(s). If only it were that easy for women and there would only be one or better yet none.

As a practitioner I often love treating menopause and all its glorious symptoms, not just because Chinese medicine and acupuncture have proven time and time again to be extremely effective at treating and facilitating women through this phase, but because women like to have a long chat and I love hearing their stories.

You see, part of providing my clients with a full standard of care is listening to what they have to say and not telling them to wrap it up because I have a busy day and the next client waiting. At this important and delicate phase of a women’s life it’s critical to listen. By listening I can often find out where the frustration, anger, depression, anxiety and sadness are coming from. Facilitating women to deal with these emotions is critical to making this transitional period easier and allows women to feel supported; something I commonly see lacks in my clients life during this phase.

Emotions and hormone dis-regulation are at the heart of menopause and the accompanying symptoms. Don’t believe me? How many times have you gotten angry and a hot flush followed, or perhaps you were flustered and broke out into a sweat, walking through a shopping centre or in a hurry to do your groceries with a crowded shop and there it was rearing its ugly head - a hot flush! The effect our emotions have on our physiology is undeniable

Acupuncture, Chinese herbs and dietary therapy are paramount to the therapy but the listening and talking is so heavily underestimated. Doctors too quickly try and diagnose women and put them on hormone replacement therapy and anti depressants, not realising that the key is giving these women time. Time to talk and tell you what’s happening in their life and how they are feeling as they go through this transition. When we sit and listen we can then recommend and facilitate these women.

Ladies you don't have to go through menopause alone, try the holistic way and let someone listen and help

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