As we all know, chronic stress can have some pretty profound negative physiological effects. Most of us know the obvious; poor mood, poor appetite or sugar cravings, mood swings and bowel and digestive issues.

However, how many women know that chronic stress can have a major effect of breast tissue? It is a common feature in the peri-menopausal age that women get breast cysts and fibroids, which often, but not always, comes with other gynaecological symptoms such as heavy menstrual bleeding. Though there are many causes as to why women may get breast abnormalities, stress is usually at the root cause of the issue.

Sadly at this phase of a women’s life, hormones like to play nasty tricks on females. Depending on what is going on at this sensitive phase of life, a women will either have a smooth transition into the post-menopausal phase or it will be hell, accompanied by such symptoms as hot flushes, skin dryness, hair breakage, depression and much more.

Stress is something I always discuss with my clients and attempt to help them manage or find solutions for. At a time where female’s natural progesterone levels plummet, they also run the risk of becoming Oestrogen dominant. Unfortunately, the excess levels of oestrogen can hyper stimulate breast tissue, which in turn can lead to breast tissue abnormalities such as cysts. It is very important for me to mention that although the chances of this happening are higher in the peri-menopausal stage, it is still very common for it to happen in younger stages of life for women, especially for those who have been taking the pill for a while.

My four recommendations to help women through this phase and minimise risks:

- Clean up your diet, seems logical, but many of us still don’t do it!

- Reduce exposure to synthetic oestrogens ie. avoid microwaving food in plastic, use BPA free bottles, go organic skin care and cosmetics.

- Regulate sleep, as sleep regulates hormones.

- Find a passion! There is nothing better to take you away from stress then doing something you’re passionate about.

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