Cook or minimise these vegetables.

The problem with raw food is that not everyone was designed to eat it. In fact there are certain raw food we should minimise all together and especially for those with thyroid issues, remember though I said minimise NOT cut out.

Some foods have been shown to be goitrogenic when they’re eaten in excess or if the person’s background intake of iodine is low. These are things like cassava - which is otherwise known as yuca (that’s how I usually talk about it); soy products; millet; sweet potatoes; cruciferous vegetables like cabbage, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, bok choy; and then most of the dark leafy greens like kale and collard greens.

This family of vegetables and a few others have a compound known as Goitrogens, most people may have heard about goitrogens being present in soy.

Now I am not saying stay away from these vegetables completely, as they have many benefits coming from their respective phytochemicals; I am just saying to either cook or avoid consuming these foods every day to lower overall goitrogen intake so as to not have an adverse effect on your thyroid. Excessive consumption of goitrogens can inhibit proper thyroid function by inhibiting proper absorption of iodine.

So, What is too much? Who consumes to many? Well that’s an easy one.

With the rise of juicing and creating smoothies I see many clients come into my clinic that are juicing raw kale and or spinach to such the degree that they do it on a daily basis, some twice daily not even including the spinach they have in their salads. Though I think it’s amazing to juice and a great way to start your day, I also think it is wise for clients to back off a little with the raw kale and spinach or at least lightly steam or boil these vegetables.

Remember, I didn't say cut them out completely, I simply said take it easy; minimise intake and cook these vegetables - don't start avoiding these vegetables out of fear. Be smart, be wise and enjoy!

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